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Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive:


  1. How can I get on a waiting list for a hunting lease from Deltic?
    A written request must be submitted to Deltic. In it and if possible, you should include the specific legal description (section, township, & range) of the property you are interested in and your contact information. Other items to potentially include in the letter would be whether or not you own land adjoining or in close proximity to the requested tract, a map of the requested tract, and/or the name of the club/individual that currently leases it. When we receive this request, your contact information will be entered into the leasing database as a request for that specific tract and you could be contacted if and when the lease ever comes open.

    If you wish to simply request a general area (e.g., Ouachita county), then a written request must also be submitted containing your contact information. Additionally, there should be a minimum acreage amount listed that you or your club would be interested in leasing (e.g., at least 500 acres.) These requests will be placed on our General Lease Request List and you will be contacted if and when a tract comes open that meets the criteria you specified and does not have a specific request on it (as mentioned above).

    You may email your request in to:

    or send via US Mail to: Deltic Timber Corporation
    Attn: Greg Humphreys
    210 East Elm
    El Dorado, AR 71730

  2. When are new leases available?
    Existing leases that are not renewed by clubs or individuals and do not have any specific requests for them are available to lease by individuals on the General Lease Request List on or around August 6th of each year. If no one on the General Lease Request List is interested in a tract, then they will be leased on a "first-come, first-served basis" to those individuals that may call in.

  3. What rules must I follow in a Deltic Timber Corporation lease?
    A copy of a typical Deltic Hunting License can be found here.

  4. Can I plant food plots on my lease?
    Yes, with the following restrictions. Food plots must be located on non-productive (not timber growing) areas. These areas primarily include loader sets, fire breaks, and primary skid trails. Please keep in mind that the same loader sets and skid trails that were used to harvest timber originally will also be used when harvesting timber in the future-regardless of whether there is a food plot there or not. Therefore, it is important to plant as many separate areas as possible so that if one is removed due to timber harvest activities, others still remain. Also keep in mind that in normal situations your club should get a minimum of 7 years to keep an area in a food plot for every year it gets used again to log. And even in this worst-case scenario, if the logging is done in the summer that same set may be able to be seeded again that fall and you never miss a year of food plot forage production.

    Deltic also uses aerial herbicides to reduce hardwood competition for our pine stands. These chemicals are applied in the fall and will detrimentally affect food plots. Therefore, if part of your lease has been harvested during the year, please contact the district forester for your area to inquire if the tract is scheduled to be sprayed during the fall.

  5. I want to put a gate up on my lease. What do I need to do?
    All gates and cables must first be approved by a Deltic district forester. If cables are allowed, they must be highly visible. Each cable should have pvc tubing, reflective tape, and/or flagging on it.

  6. Can we camp on our lease?
    Yes. However, before establishing a "permanent" camp a district forester must be contacted to ensure that the location you want is approved. There is also a $475.00 per year campsite fee for "permanent" campsites. The designation of a "permanent" campsite is the sole opinion of the district forester, but can generally be described as:
            An area with utilities (approval must be received from Deltic).
            An area where a house/cabin or other maintained structure is         located.
            An area where campers are left year-round.
            An are where campers are not left year-round, but the area is         mowed or permanently taken out of timber production.
    In general terms, if campers are brought down just for a given season, pulled up and under the timber, and then removed immediately after season is over there is no charge for this. Please keep in mind that if significant littering occurs or timber is damaged as a result of camping, fines usually result.

   7.   How far does my stand/blind have to be from the property line?
         Deltic's lease mandates that all stands and blinds (including duck blinds)          must be at least 100 feet from the Deltic property line. This prevents the          temptation to encroach onto your neighbor's property. Obviously, if you          personally own or lease the adjoining land, this rule doesn't apply.

   8.   After Deltic had some timber cut off of my lease, there are a lot
         of tops left. Can I cut these up to use for firewood?

         No. We do not give permission for individuals to do this and accept no          responsibility for injuries that may occur from this activity on our lands.

   9.   I would like to sell my timber and/or land. Who do I need to talk          to?       
         A list of contact persons can be found here.

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