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Deltic Timber Corporation

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   Corporate Officers and Board of Directors

   John D. Enlow
      President and Chief Executive Officer
   Byrom L. Walker
      Interim-Vice President, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer
   Jim F. Andrews, Jr.
      Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
   Kent L. Streeter
      Vice President, Operations
   David V. Meghreblian
      Vice President, Real Estate
   Byrom L. Walker

   Board of Directors
   Robert C. Nolan
      Chairman of the Board
   Randolph C. Coley
      Partner, Retired, King & Spalding, LLP
   Bert H. Jones
      President and Owner, Mid-States Wood Preservers, LLC
   Rev. Canon Christoph Keller, III
      Episcopal Priest
   D. Mark Leland
      President-Midstream Division of El Paso Corporation, Retired
   David L. Lemmon
      President and CEO, Retired, Colonial Pipeline Company of Alpharetta, Georgia
   R. Madison Murphy
      Managing Member, Murphy Family Management, LLC
   R. Hunter Pierson, Jr.
      Private Investor Timberland, Commercial Real Estate and Securities
   J. Thurston Roach
      Retired Executive and Private Investor
   Lenore M. Sullivan
      Managing Director, Retired, Texas Women Ventures Capital Management
   Robert Tudor III
      Managing Partner, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Company